Friday, March 13, 2009


Okay, so I'm not delirious nor panicky. I've done this once before. Frogging (the term Trina pointed out to me). I have been working on my sleeveless shell, knitting the back piece. I had done two sets of BOs (bind offs) per the pattern instructions and noticed that I was missing a stitch. I should have had 60 stitches on my needles, but only had 59. I checked my BOs to make sure I did the correct amount, which I did. You know, I shouldn't be knitting late in the evening when I'm tired and not sure if I can count correctly.

I slipped a marker into the last stitch of the first BO. I proceeded to frog my shell. It was only 4 rows. I slipped my circular needle tip back into the open stitches and recounted. Now, I have 71 stitches when I am suppose to have 72. I know I casted on the correct number of stitches, because my moss border stitch came out correct. So, I lift up my back piece against the light to see if I had any holes. None. I start checking the left side edge and see nothing out of the ordinary. I check the right side edge and sure enough there's an exposed loop waving at me to say..."you idiot, you've forgot me along the way". UGH!

Being the creative person that I am I took the loose loop and my crochet hook and did a chain stitch up the side (looping into the above side stitch thread) until I reached the row I was suppose to be on. I slipped that little sucker on my knitting needle quickly before it had a chance to wave a "see ya later alligator". Now, I realize this may not be a documented technique or the right thing to do to correct this, but it's in the seaming area which may not be a problem. Also, I've laid out the back piece flat on my floor and there's no puckering or ripples from what I've done.

Knitting is suppose to calm the nerves and relieve stress. And that is what it's doing for me. No panic attacks. Just fix the problem and move on. I also like to think I'm a bit creative. LOL!!!

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Trina said...

Success! Well done! :)