Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Could it Be...Knitting Burnout?

I've been in a slight knitting funk this week. I've been working on CeCe only to find that my Addi needles are a bit slick for the yarn I'm using. While migrating to bamboo circulars, I found I had missed a YO two rows below. I placed my point protectors on both needles (bamboo and Addis) and left CeCe alone. It's been sitting on my cutting table for the last day or so. It's too early to tell if I've lost the love for CeCe. I'll give it another day. If I don't tink back and correct my error, chances are CeCe will get frogged...all 4 inches. I can always try again next year. Right?

I'm still working on the back of my Ophelia Mediterranean. I had to tink two rows while at my LYS. I had found an extra stitch. Thank goodness the organic cotton I'm using is very forgiving. The stitches form so well that if the needle dropped out, the stitches would hold in place. I guess I got what I paid for. Beautiful yarn.

I've casted on another project. It's a v-neck tunic with cable trims. I plan on knitting a shorter version of this:

V-neck Tunic with Cable Trim designed by Rosemary Drysdale for the Terra Collection by Tahki Stacy Charles

Right now, I've got a charcoal colored cotton-blend yarn on my needles for this tunic. I've already managed to make a few mistakes while knitting the garter stitches. Yes, I ended up frogging a few of rows. With garter stitches, it's easy to re-insert my needle through the loops.

I've done all this tinking and frogging and it's only Tuesday evening. I hope this is a sign that I'm just tired and not that I'm losing my knitting mojo.

I also came across this cute vest that has some potential:

Cabled Vest by Rosemary Drysdale for Terra Collection by Tahki Stacy Charles

Maybe knitting with cables will get me out of my knitting funk. What am I to do?


Trina said...

Everyone suffers knitting funks, giving it a day or so to 'recover' is a good idea :)

I love that new pattern, the cable neckline looks fantastic!

Rachel said...

Everyone experiences a funk in their hobby sometimes. I love that cabled vest.