Friday, July 24, 2009

Knitting Thoughts

Swirl Shawl:
I'm not a sock knitter. I don't have plans to knit one in the near future. Sorry sock lovers, I'm in the garment mood. I don't know how to knit with DPNs in a continuous round. That will change soon.

While at my LYS, a friend of mine & fellow co-worker (the enabler she is), mentioned about the new Jojoland yarn colors that came in. After squeezing the heck out of the yarns and looking in the mirror to see which colors look good on me, I knew this had to be made into something special. We have a sample scarf model on display, but I never made the connection with the yarn and pattern. I tried on the scarf and it was pure joy. I couldn't believe how soft it was, even though the scarf looked a bit rustic. Maybe it had to do with the color choice of the finished product. Here is the same pattern but made into a shawl:

Swirl Shawl by Lijuan Jing for Jojoland

I plan on making the scarf version with only 3 rows of the octagons. The finished scarf is roughly 44 inches by 8 inches. About 20 inches shorter than the shawl version shown. The scarf length is perfect for a petite person like me.

I'm hoping to knit two versions in two different colors.

Melody Superwash in MS16 (Teal Green) by Jojoland

Melody Superwash in MS39 (Red) by Jojoland

The colors are absolutely gorgeous. I just couldn't have one color. I chose both. :)

Cabled Vest:
I made more progress on my vest. I'm now knitting the front right section. I had a tough/rough spot when I started to knit the lace pattern and cable. I thought I had run into a pattern error when in fact I was suppose to reverse the instructions from the front left section. That included also reversing the lace pattern stitches as well as the cable. I ended up writing out the pattern instructions for the right section. I tinked the 18th row once as I had added in an extra lace pattern when it should have been the ribbing for the front placket. Then I had to go back and tink the 18th row again as I forgot to knit a buttonhole at the beginning of the row. Once I got over the self-inflicted operator errors, I was well on my way. It actually turned out to be an enjoyable knitting time.


Rachel said...

I am so happy to hear there is another knitter who has no desire to knit socks. I don't either. I want to knit sweaters and baby stuff. I am almost through with my sweater. It is taking me forever because I have limited time and also I have had to frog it a little. Hopefully I will be done soon.

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo! I'm another knitter with no desire to knit socks! Sweaters, cardis, tees all the way for me, with good dollop of mittens, hats and a scarf or two on the side. I understand the appeal of socks how satisfying it can be to knock a pair off in a day or two, but you get so much more satisfaction with the bigger projects I think. Anyway, that is a LOVELY pattern (might have to steal it!) and SUPER lovely yarn!

Trina said...

Wow, that pattern looks amazing!!! And lovely colour choices :)
I've not made it to socks (yet) either - i'm knitting a preemie beanie in sock yarn on DPNs just to see how I go!